Rodger Aidman Class of  1967


Rodger and Susan January 2009


Rodger and Family June 2000

Susan, Ellyn, Rodger and Andrew Aidman

June 2000


Rodger and daughter Ellyn December 2001

Rodger Aidman   Portrait by Jeff Fain

  My mom still lives on SW 52nd Street.  Recently I walked by SW.  It really looks terrible.  I don't think it's been painted in 30 years.  Maybe when they finish the new construction the whole place will get a makeover.

  One of the nice things about being in dental practice in Miami is that you do see a lot of people.  I've treated a number of classmates and their families, and many other SW grads from other years. I've been practicing with my partner, Phil Glatstein, for 20 years.  He'll turn 70 this month and is still going strong.  A few years ago Alicia Abella joined us as an associate.  She was born in 1967.

  My daughter Ellyn, is a graduate of Palmetto High.  She played in band and orchestra.  Plays clarinet and piano. I chaperoned the marching band to a few football games.   Of course I put on my SW Class of 67 tee shirt and went to the SW-Palmetto game.  SW band is still good, but I was disappointed that they no longer play, "Fight Song.  "Pep Song" or "Color Song" or my favorite "RIff Riders"   So much for tradition.  Amazingly, SW finally beat Gables a couple of years ago.  One win in 40 years.

  Andrew, our 13 year old, is a top-notch student at Pinecrest elementary. He's a great roller hockey player.  Both kids are very active on line with friends sending instant messages and talking in chatrooms.

  I enjoyed the 30th class reunion.  It was great seeing everyone and I left with a warm feeling for my classmates.  Everyone was so friendly.  Even people I didn't know and their spouses were great company that night.  The only disappointment was how few people showed up.  This is probably because many people were not notified of the reunion.  I believe First Class reunions does not make a great effort to contact people.  This expanding e-mail list should remedy that situation.

  I took some snapshots that night.  Got a good one of Jeff LaRochelle and me. Also some nice shots of fellow Blue Lakes elementary alumni, George Wilkins, Linda Barocas, and Jerry Perch, holding a picture of Mrs. Marcus's fifth grade class.

  Interestingly, my friends from Stadium dorm at Ohio State have just contacted me by e-mail.  Someone started a search and I'm now in contact with college friends I haven't heard from since 1970.  Also, I have located my next door neighbor from Akron, Ohio, who I hadn't seen since 1959!  She came to the family reunion we held last summer in San Francisco celebrating my Mom's 75th birthday.

Rodger is in the first row 3rd from the left.

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