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Hello all KIT denizens,

  I was lost but now I am found. Artie Schneebalg and Susan Losey tracked me down here in Austin, TX where I have been for the last 14 years.

  It has been fun to check out the website and KIT correspondence and get caught up on a bunch of "doings."

  For the 3 % really interested I have the long version of life after SWHS "penned" two paragraphs below. Warning: reading could be hazardous to your digestion.

  For those for whom the short version is more than adequate:

  I finished U of Miami in 1971 and joined the staff of an international Christian mission organization and have been with them lo these many years. Along the way I met my wife, Kathy, had two kids, acquired assorted dogs, etc. and lived in Illinois, DC and now in Austin.

  I regret that all the past reunions have always fallen when my firm has a required conference.

Thanks to Jeff for originating and editing KIT.

  Paul Barger

  Longer Version

  While attending UM I got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. The impact on my life was such that my senior year I sensed a leading to join the organization and try to make a difference in other's lives.

  I began in the college division at the U of Illinois in Champaign. The biggest adjustment was figuring out I really did need to get a winter coat. My fifth year on staff I met Kathy and we got married in 1978.  Our daughter, Jennifer, was born in short order, but not too short… although she is pretty short.

  Anyway, I was at UI for 7 years then served at W. Illinois U for three years before deciding that since I would be doing this the rest of my life I needed to go to graduate school in theology in Chicago for three years. Jonathan was born there in 1982. After finishing I had enough gray hairs to warrant switching from the college scene to the marketplace division of our organization, called Priority Associates. Our purpose is to help business people nurture the spiritual side of their life and a personal relationship with God to find balance, focus and direction in both their personal and professional lives.

  This required a move to the DC area where we lived from 84-88. Then I was asked to move to Austin and have been delighted to be here for the last 14 years.

  Both kids have really made us proud. Jennifer graduated in three years from U. Texas (May, 2000) in history and after a one year internship with Keynote, (Campus Crusade's music division) moved to Indianapolis in June, 2002 to take a full time position with them.

  Jonathan has been battling a debilitating battle with severe food and environmental allergies for the last four years but it hasn't kept him from excelling in music, academics and business. He was first chair cello in HS (how about that Art Abney!), national merit semi-finalist and started his own computer business (move over M. Dell). Now he has begun a program in architectural engineering at UT.

  So Kathy and I feel incredibly blessed by the Lord to have enjoyed watching our kids grow. Of course, I am withholding judgment as to their true character until I see how their grandkids turn out. Do I still play my viola?!! Not really, but the family quartet plays Christmas music once a year… that's all I can stand to hear myself play.

  That is way more than you all wanted to know, but gets you caught up on the Bargers.

Paul Barger

Bio August 21, 2002

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