Dorothy Bennett Class of  1967


Dottie Bennett



Dorothy Bennett    Portrait by Jeff Fain


Name: Dorothy (Dottie) Bennett

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Employment: Retired - ATT/Bellsouth; Currently Office Manager for R. F. Orchids in Homestead, FL

Residence: Miami, Florida (South Miami area)


In this summer of the millennium
And middle age for all
Our Southwest 67 KIT
Is having quite a ball.

It's all because of three, you know,
That keep us all in line:
There's "Fuzzy" Richard Hinton
Who keeps the webpage fine;

With Jeffrey Fain, who makes us look
Forever young and well;
And most beloved, our Ringmaster,
That's Jeffrey LaRochelle.

We have our ups and downs, of course
And some talk less or more.
Thank goodness for the regulars,
For who knows what's in store

From Richard Ross, our comic wit,
With barbs beyond belief
Or Dr. Rodger Aidman
When he's not drilling teeth.

There's "Tell 'em Bill sent 'ya" Oakerson
To give the group a tour
And detective Susan Losey
Will be on hand for sure.

Philosopher Phil in Kansas
Keeps stretching all our brains
And Donna R. maintains the calm.
Oh, there's that Oooohmmm... again.

Bev Davis might get us on TV
With her beautiful cheerleader's smile
While Principal Nora subdues the mob
And Lee parks that truck for awhile.

I know there are many others
Not saying very much.
Classmates, don't be shy, an E-mail "reply"
Will let you, too, Keep In Touch.

Thanks everybody!
Dottie Bennett

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