Cecilia Causey Class of  1967


Cecilia Causey 2001


  The summer of 1967 found me in Washington D.C. I was one of 35 4-H Members from the state of Fl chosen to go on a 13 day citizenship short course trip. It was a blast. Upon returning home I did usual summer things. Attended Dade Junior as a Recreation/Education Leader had visions of working cruise ship. Worked for Dade county parks dept, married in November 1969 had my son Roy and was divorced in December 1970. Worked in private schools as P.E. teacher, teacher aide, 1972 was diagnosed with M.S. took one year to learn to walk and function again. THANK GOD FOR Gay Harris she helped me through hard times. Re-married son 's father when he was 7 divorced him again when son was 8.  Moved to Marion county to a small town called Belleview in 1980.

  I have been active in little theater, having directed ,produced, and acted in about 300 productions.  I have written two dinner theater shows, and had the pleasure of having Mrs. Chris Sizemore.  She is the woman that "The Three Faces Of Eve" was about. (actually act in one of my shows.).  I have written several poems that have been published in local publications.

  I am fighting the effects of Neurofibromatosis. I have good and bad days. I am very active in my church's children's ministry teaching on Wednesdays and Sundays as well as being in charge of our craft crew, we get the craft ready for Sundays lessons for the teachers.

  I have 3 beautiful grandchildren 2 girls 1 boy a wonderful daughter-in-law and a super son.

  I live life one day at a time I fell truly blessed to have had all the life
experiences I have had and thank God for each and ever day.

Cecilia Causey Phillips
June 9, 2001


To My Classmates

Most of us were on a first name base and to this
Day I can still see your face.
Some of us just passed in

the hall a smile and quick nod.
The head as we hurried to

our next class is I all I can recall.
There were others of you I

 never really got to know at all.
There were times when together we stood
Those were the fun times and they were good.
Pep rallies, Football games,
Sock hops and the proms too.
Drama club, Pep club, French club too
So much fun and so much to do.
Each year a big play production
We all did our part.
Drama, Band and Chorus
The applause of friends and family
Made it glorious
Four years together went by to fast
Then our graduation day was here at last
One last time together we stood and we sang
The school song, Oh boy did we sound good.
It's hard to believe so many years have pass
Soon we will gather for our 35 celebration
Has it really been that long since our graduation?
Together again we will laugh and yes we will cry
As we remember the days gone by.
We will remember with love the ones we have lost
They touched our lives in so many ways.
They are not gone they are just away
We have their memory in our hearts to stay.
It time now for me to end this little rhyme
Will the ones of you out there it who?
Read it please drop me a line?

Cecilia Causey Phillips Class of 1967 Alive and well in Beautiful Belleview Florida  8/6/01.

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