Sandra Chapman Class of  1967


I've often wondered about some of the people that attended school with me. Like I remember Patty Willis.  She was such a nice person, pretty, and boy could she throw a softball.  And Kathy Eckert, she always had such enthusiasm and was so happy all the time.  She always made you feel like she was glad too see you.  I've wondered what has become of Robbie Wright, Randy Albury, Bob Ward, Mike Erickson, and a '66 graduate Robert 'Lindy' Shambaugh too.

  As for me, I went to Stetson University for a year in '68 and flunked out. Got married in '71 to George Sparks from Hialeah High and I'm still happily married to him.  I went to work for Eastern Airlines in '74 and after getting laid off and called back a couple times, got into their training program for computer programmers and I've been in that line of work since.George and I moved, and lived in Aurora Colorado from '79 to '81 where George quit work and went back to school full time to change careers from Automobile Mechanics to Computer Programming.  We moved back to Miami in '81 and lived there until after Andrew in '92.  George was working for Southeast Bank and when it failed and got taken over by First Union they offered him a transfer to Charlotte, NC, where we now live.

Sandra Chapman Sparks
Bio March 5, 2000

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