Stewart Charkosky Class of  1967


Stewart Charkowsky


Stewart Charkosky   Portrait by Jeff Fain


  If anyone remembers ,I was very active in sports and recreation. I was a member of the wrestling team at S.W.  I loved to fish ,ski, dive. Wish studies had been at the top of the list. I served in the military from 1968-1972. During that time I married a girl who was a Coral Park graduate. We had a beautiful daughter ( now 28 yrs. old). Our marriage lasted 6 yrs. After getting out of the military, I became a plumbing apprentice. I excelled in my field and eventually became a project Superintendent overseeing the construction of Hospitals. I remarried in 1981 to my wife Ruth. We have two beautiful daughter ages 16 and 18.Duaghter N0.1, Michelle, is a manager for Rave clothing store in Pearl river, La.. Daughter NO.2, McCall, is attending technical college to become a dental assistant. Daughter NO.3, Jamie, is a Junior in high school this year. I left Plumbing for a couple of years to become the Director of Facility Management. After accepting this position 6 more titles were piled up on me . After two years of this abuse I went back to my roots. I am presently employed as a Project manager overseeing the construction of Hospitals. My wife Ruth works taking classified ads at the newspaper. We do a lot of boating, fishing and a little camping. We have done our share of traveling being transferred every 18 months. Ruth loves homemaking and would like to do it full time. I love to build things as well as work on cars. I have helped build several habitat for humanity homes. Nashville is nice for now. Will retire to Fl. We also have a 2yr old living with us.

Stewart Charkosky

Bio August 21, 2000


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