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Our KIT Hero Dennis somewhere and he can't tell.....

Our "KIT" Hero


Dennis Corbett  Portrait by Jeff Fain

  Zap, there I am its yesterday all over again!  Wow this is fantastic.  I am so totally out of touch with everything I hardly know where to start.... I would have responded much sooner, but I have been packing my unit and fixing our helicopters to go to Kuwait.  As the Grateful Dead said what a long strange trip it's been.  After I got out of the Air Force (Thailand/Viet Nam) went to school at Miami Dade for a term moved back to South Dakota, got married, went to Black Hills State got separated moved back to the "Grove" worked at the Coconut Grove Bycycle and VW Co Op, moved to Tallahassee went to TCC/Fla A&M/FSU and eventually became a carpenter.  My first wife came back into the picture again and my first son Neil (named after Fred Neil and Neil Young) was born. First wife joins the Peace Corps leaves me with 2 year old son (big smile here) and I move to Colorado.  Lived in Manitou Springs for about 8 years where I met my wife (Pam) and had my next two sons, Jacob and William. Everything was fine until I reached a midlife crisis, turned right and joined the Colorado Army National Guard to fly again.  Loved being a soldier again. Loved flying.....moved to Keystone Heights went to work building Cruise Ships (big smile) when I was given the chance to go Active Duty again.  At 37 I started all over again. I am now the First Sergeant of my unit and we are going to Kuwait.  Makes perfect sense doesn't it.  I still play guitar and my son Neil is superb on guitar and keeps my musical taste "open".  Wow is this stream of consciousness or what. I am leaving next Friday (June 23rd) and probably won't be able to respond again until I'm in country.  I will get E-Mail at:

  Sorry this so frenetic, but I will take the opportunity to make sense later.....

Dennis Corbet

Bio June 22, 2000


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