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Hey Bev Love That Shorty's Bar-B-Q T-Shirt....

Love the Shorty's Bar-B-Q T-Shirt....



Beverly Davis    Portrait by Jeff Fain

Biography for Beverly Davis Brock Salerno

  Mine has been a long strange trip, which took another bizarre turn just after Jeff L. first made phone contact with me a couple of years ago. Each time I've tried to write a bio for you, I've ended up depressed. I guess I could write it all down, but then I'd probably have to kill myself. (LOL)

  Suffice it to say, I'm alive and well in Durham, North Carolina. I'm very happily married (as of July 3, 1999) to a wonderful man I met at church. (Jim Salerno)

  Following a 13 year career in real estate sales, I decided to get my life back and shifted into real estate appraising (about 4 years ago). This year I jumped out and started my own appraisal firm. Despite Mr. Greenspan's interest rate hikes, I'm managing to stay afloat.

Here's the pertinent info:
Beverly Brock Salerno
5 W. Gleewood Place
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 544-0097 voice
(919) 544-6620 fax
(919) 740-5604 mobile Date of Birth: 3/13/49 (Wow Jeff! I thought I was the old one in the crowd.)

  Regarding the newsletter, I guess it would be nice for those not on line; however, for me it would just be another piece of paper on my already over-crowded desk (I do have a problem holding on to things). I like the "e-mail" option. (Who are these people that aren't on-line yet?)

  I'm looking forward to our 35th reunion, however, don't think I can be of much help in the planning category. (I do nominate Jeff L, Jeff F, Rick H, and Chris B for special honors) Key Biscayne for a non-bikini beach party (and possible year book signing party) sounds great!! I still have fond old memories and more recent "new" memories of that area. (During the last reunion weekend I attended, Kathy Lassiter Criddle, Harry Hicks, Paul Korman, and I took a side trip in that direction and did some reminiscing.)

  This is probably enough from me right now. Maybe someday I'll write a book (Memoirs of a Homecoming Queen, illustrated by Jeff Fain) to be published after I'm gone. I'll will you all a copy. God help me if I'm the last one holding the commemorative bottle of Champaign. Still LOL!!

  Believe me, God has been my source of strength through all of my ups and downs in life.

  Thanks again for all you're doing. Keep up the good work.

Love, Beverly Davis, etc

Bio Date 6/1/2000

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