Frank Deery Class of  1967


Frank, daughter Jodi and grand daughter Sage

Frank, daughter Jodi and grand daughter Sage


Frank and Daughter Jodi

  Roger Aidman and I go back to a $.50/hr. job working for my uncle at Sunset Grocery.  Rick Hinton and I worked for a few years together with F.P L. in the 70"s after my stint in the Air Force, which I joined right after school.

  I married in 74, Have two beautiful children, A son now 23 and a daughter now 20.  My son is a web page master and my daughter is going to college presently majoring in criminal justice.  I have been divorced for 10 years but still maintain a family type relationship with Diane Goode also a SW alumni 71.

  I now live in central Florida in a town called Lady Lake just south of Ocala on US 27.  I work for a Resource recovery plant, which burns trash and produces electric power as its product. 

  I have a small farm and raise many animals as a side hobby.  Am really looking forward to retirement as soon as possible and plan to remain here.  I love this area and wouldn't give it up for anything.  I guess for those of you who don't remember me I will make it simple I was the little guy with the big mouth I was also Lynn Deery's brother.  Well that is it for now have a good one.

  After looking through my year book and putting faces to the names I still only remember the same people I recalled from just the list so I guess my memory hasn't failed me as much as I thought.  I haven't seen many of you since 67; I did see a few of you at the 87 reunion.  With the exception or Bob Weeks who has a mutual friend Frank Scarpelli also a grad from 67.

Bio Date 2/4/98

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