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Lynn August 2001


Lynn Deery Stewart and her daughters

Lynn and her daughters


Lynn Deery       Portrait by Jeff Fain


Lynn Deery Then...

  After graduation I went to work for Southern Bell and met my  future husband a few months later on a blind date.  He was home on leave from the Marines and was a 1962 graduate from Hialeah High.  We got married in 1969 and had three daughters.  We moved to North Carolina in 1976 because we loved it here and it has been a great place to raise the "girls".  Unfortunately things didn't work out with my marriage and we divorced about five years ago.  We did do something right though, and our daughters have grown to be one of my proudest achievements.  Laurie who is 31, married, and is a registered nurse and a flight attendant for American Airlines.  She just had a son which makes me a grandmother and lives in Pennsylvania.  Paula is 29 and is finishing her last year at NC State studying to become a Veterinarian.  Jolene is 23 and just started a teaching career as a first grade teacher in Charlotte, NC.  I am currently accounting manager for the community mental health services here in Hendersonville and have been here ten years.  Previous to this job I have worked for a CPA and had also helped my husband in his construction business. I have a significant other in my life and he wants to get married but I'm not sure that I do.  Anyway, I stay busy with my friends doing fun things like hiking in these beautiful mountains, going to the theatre, listening to music, community activities and just trying to enjoy life.  I'm looking forward to the future and hope to see everyone at our next reunion.

Lynn Deery Stewart

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