James Duckworth Class of  1967

Jim Duckworth

  Dear Eagles:

  Since being contacted by Jeff, have enjoyed reading the many e-mails from past classmates. It is amazing how we have all moved around the country but still remember the friends from our youth. The following is a short bio from 67 to present.

  I went to MDJC and graduated in 1970. Joined the Air Force and spent 4 years traveling the globe. Most of my time was in the middle east stationed in Turkey. It was an adventure, but I got to visit places that most of us only read about in books. After the service I returned to Miami and started back to college. While working at Winn Dixie I was asked to enter management.  I decided to put off school,  met my wife and moved to Orlando in 1976. Stayed with WD for 16 years then with my wife's encouragement I changed careers. Because of all the tourist trade in Orlando entertainment is a main stream industry, so I entered this field as a mobile Disc Jockey. Since 1990 I have been doing private parties throughout the state. If you would like to see a photo of  Dr. Duck you may go to my web page www.drduck.com. It has been a real blast performing at all types of affairs. Three years ago I was approached by a close friend to becoming his production manager in a local Audio Visual company. Along with dj-ing it was a perfect match. We provide sound reinforcement for major companies staying in the Orlando area. This fall we have even worked on campaign stops for both Gore and Bush. My wife and I have two children Wally(18) and Marlena(16). I believe this will bring you up to date.

  Keep the communication going and hope to see many of you in 2002.

  Your classmate,

  Jim Duckworth
  aka Dr. Duck 

Bio October 28, 2000

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