Sue Ehrhardt  Class of  1967


   I grew up in Hialeah and was excited about becoming a Thoroughbred at Hialeah High School.   However, we relocated to the southwest area my sophomore year.  My father had a house built  in the Village Green area at what was then the very end of Bird Road.   When I started at Southwest, I only knew a few kids  from the Village Green area.
   I missed the friends I had grown up with and spent my first year traveling back and forth to visit them and to go to events at Hialeah High.  It wasn't until my junior year that I started enjoying Southwest and it's activities.  I met and started dating Eddie Canady from the  class of '66 and became friends with some of his friends.   We remained friends for years, however, he is now deceased.   
   I also was one of the Cosmetology Girls.  So, many of my friends were from the class of 1966, from my Cosmetology class and Village Green.    I worked at the Dadeland Mall Cafeteria part-time at night and on Saturdays and spent a lot of time taking care of my brothers, so wasn't involved in many extra-curricular activities.   I unfortunately didn't have the long time ties with the Southwest area as many of my classmates.
   After High School, I worked as a beautician at Rusies Beauty Salon on Miller Road.  I quickly became a Beauty School Dropout and  moved to Gainesville and started at Santa Fe Community College and eventually received my Masters Degree in Science Education with a minor in Biology.  I taught and lived  in Flagler County 24 years where we resided in Flagler Beach.  
   My husband was promoted and transferred to Savannah, Georgia.   I am now teaching at an elementary school known for its marine biology curriculum, partnership with the University of Georgia and it's Marine Science Center.  
   We spend much of our time visiting our children and caring for our parents.  Both my parent's and  my  husband's parents are ill and still reside in Florida, so we take turns with our siblings caring for them.   We were very active in our little church in Flagler County.  We sang in the choir and my husband played the trumpet in our praise band..  So far we have not found a church home here in Savannah like we had  back in Flagler.  I miss that fellowship and friendship. 
   We enjoy being with one another and gardening, boating, fishing and cooking. We have six children ranging from 25  to 34 years old and seven grandchildren from 9 months to 10 years old.  We have another grandson (already dubbed Sammy) due Christmas day 2007. 
   Here's what's up with our children.  Amanda is a pre-school teacher here in Savannah.  Jason is living in Boston and is a graphic designer credited with one of the first Islands of Adventures logos for Disney Enterprises.  Heather is a nursing student at Mayo in Jacksonville.  Travis is in the Navy and was a crew chief on a P3  over Iraq.  He will be commissioned in December of this year as Chief Warrant Officer and will start pilot school at the same time.  We plan on being present at his commission ceremony.  He's now stationed in Portland, Maine.   LeAnn, the oldest, is a Branch manager of a Wachovia Bank in Tampa.  Emily is a case manager of Social Services at Embraced by Grace adoption agency in Daytona.  
   I was delighted to see everyone's picture at the 40 year reunion.  It looked like a lot of fun.    I would love to attend one of the mini-reunions and hope I can make it to the 45th.   I did notice that in Pam Bledsoe's 20 year reunion pictures that there was a question mark under my name.  I was dancing with another person with a question mark under his name and with Linda Gunsch Camp.   Obviously, I didn't make a big impression at that reunion.  I hope I can be more involved in some of the other mini-reunions. 

 August 18, 2007