Steve Foster Class of  1967


Steve Foster  a.k.a. Cooter


Steve Foster  Portrait by Jeff Fain

"Steve Foster" alive, single, and well, in S.W. Fla

  I started playing music, in bars, my last year of high school, and barely graduated. I was showing up, still buzzed from the night before. Any way, music was my downfall. I got into booze and drugs, big time. Then I joined the Army, the September after graduation. 3 years, one of which was in Vietnam. More booze and drugs. Got married, (my first of 3), to a barmaid, while in my last year of the Army, in Oklahoma. Got out in 70, came back to Miami and worked for Southern Bell, for 3 years. Started playing music on weekends. Quit Bell, got divorced, and went back to my old boozing and drugging ways. Married again, in about 77, or 78. Held a steady job for awhile. Had a baby, (girl), started playing music on weekends, and ditto, ditto, as above. Got married again, "while playing music", in 82. It was the more successful of the marriages. This wife, was a straight arrow. Didn't drink, smoke, or even drink coffee! But she enjoyed all the parties, and bar gigs. Six years into that marriage, I had, had enough, and stumbled into an Alcoholic's anonymous meeting. The program of AA saved my life. I got clean and sober, and became a different person. I quit music, for good, and of course, no more parties etc. I got my third divorce, (a peaceful one), in 92. I signed my name off of the house, and moved up here to Labelle, in March of 92. I lived with my parents till about 93, and moved to Clewiston for a year, where I was running a pawnshop there. In about 94, my parents bought this place I now have, and mortgaged it to me. I'm sort of in between Labelle, and Alva. About 15 or 20 minutes from Fort Myers. I have a mobile home, on an acre, with about 40 fruit trees, and a barn out back. It's nice. I'm now working as a parts runner/courier, and have been with the same place for 3 years now, which is a new world record for me. I've been clean and sober for 10 years, next month, and love life, one day at a time. I have a dog, and a cockatoo. To sum it up, in a nut shell, I screwed up my life, but I pulled it out of the hole it was in, dusted it off, and it's now working, as good as new! ODAAT!

  This is an edited version of a letter I sent to Virginia Strickland, as she was one of the first to contact me. I cut out some of the more juicy stuff, so if you want to know, ask her! HA HA! (sorry Virginia)... Virginia and I, have become great on-line friends, and I hope we can meet face to face someday soon!

Bio Update 1/24/98


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