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Carl Foust Now....

   It's great to be alive and an Eagle. Graduation from Southwest was the end of one road. Then the world happened. Enlisted in the Army in August; Basic training at Fort Gordon; Advanced Individual Training as a Stock Control specialist at Fort Lee, Va. Of the 33 in that class, 30 went to Viet Nam and three of us went to Germany. That war took 13 of those friends. Worked as an equipment records clerk and motor sergeant in a tank outfit. Came back to Miami on leave in Dec of 68 and married Teresa Turner (Yearbook staff, 67). Returned to Germany in January, and she followed in May. Carl III was born in Wurtzburg 1 Nov 70. He is a Marine baby, 3d Infantry Division. Stayed in Germany that trip for 3 years.
Next stop, Fort Hood. Worked as a drummer in a Drum and Bugle Corps, then a mail clerk, Admin sergeant, and Personnel Sergeant. [No cracks about keeping a job, please.] Thank the lord Hood was only 2.5 yrs. Korea was next, an 11 month tour. Teresa and Rick stayed in Miami with her folks.
   1975 saw us arriving at Fort Rucker, AL for a 6 year stay. Remained a Personnel Sergeant for that entire time. Teresa was active in Army Community Service in the school library, then worked as the traffic director for KMS radio. Uncle Sam hates a stable situation, so in January of 81 we're off to Germany again. 1st Armored Division this time, Nuernberg. Personnel Sergeant for a Maintenance Battalion. Teresa works in the Kindergarten as an aide.
   January of 84 saw us arriving at Fort Benning, Ga. After 6 months as the Military Personnel records NCOIC, got selected for the Inspector General team. That lasted until Jan of 87, when I left for the Sergeants Major Academy at Biggs Army Airfield, El Paso, Texas. 6 months of school and on to Redstone Arsenal, Al as the Post Personnel Sergeant Major. Teresa and Rick stayed in Columbus while I was at school and at Redstone. She worked on post as a civil service employee... Rick was finishing up high school.
   Finally got back to Benning in Dec of 88, and finished my career in March of 90 as the Personnel Sergeant Major, 197th Infantry Brigade. Retired 6 months before the Brigade went to Desert Shield/Desert Storm. In over 22 years, I did not see any combat, yet progressed from Private to Sergeant Major.
Teresa still works on Fort Benning, although down sizing and contracting out may end that this year. Carl has given us two lovely granddaughters, one from each of his marriages. Brenda Nicole turned 11 on 5 March 2001, and Jenna will be 1 on 29 March 2001. They are in Charlotte, NC. He is an electrician. His wife, Cindy, has a virtual office with NCR.
   While on active duty, managed to get a Bachelors degree in Human Resources and a Master Degree in Management from Troy State University. After retiring, I put in 8 years as a Quality Technician and Manager for Char-Broil. Now I am an agent and registered representative for New York Life. Building and Protecting Assets. Made Rookie of the Year in 1999 for the Central Georgia General office (at 50... go figure), and qualified as a New York Life Annuity Champion in both 1999 and 2000.
   There is life after retiring from military service... and we are attempting to enjoy every minute of it. Don't know where this road will lead us, nor for how long we will journey; however, hang on, cause it can only get better.

Live long and prosper.
Carl Foust

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