Peg Goalstone Class of 1967

  I went to the University of Missouri after attending Syracuse University for one week.  Living in a converted broom closet, a stay in the hospital (airline food) and the fact I couldn't convince my advisor that I wasn't an Engineering major sent me to the Midwest.  My majors were history and education.  I met Bill my senior year.  Twenty-eight days later we were engaged.  None of our friends were surprised.  We married in June of 1971.

  The first year we lived in Columbia while he finished law school.  We've lived in St. Louis since 1972.

  After teaching middle school social studies for 25 years, I retired in 1998. In 1982 we adopted our first daughter, Kim.  She arrived from Korea at three months with a smile on her face and a "punk" hair do.  Bill gave her her first haircut three days later and I hid the scissors from him for six months.  Amanda arrived in 1985.  I took a year's adoption leave. Unfortunately, due to a delay in paperwork, she came three weeks after my leave ended.  The principal was wonderful.  I taught the first two weeks of the year and then took a month off.  They keep us busy and hopefully young. You are the only people who know the original color of my hair. I hope that you are all happy and well. 

Peg Goalstone Kornfein

Bio August 24, 2000

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