Mary Goodie Class of  1967


Mary Goodie    June 2001


   It has been almost ten years now since I got this telephone call from some guy named Jeff.  Yes, I was almost RUDE to him.  No, I didn't remember him, not even his name and as I look through the website, I don't remember 99% of y'all.  Shoot, I never even had a pizza from Frankies.  I was one of those people you didn't even know existed. Not that you were ever unkind, but you were getting on with your own lives and enjoying high school with groups of friends you had established as sophomores or even earlier.  When I took the time to reflect on "who" I remember for '67 I came up with the names Robert Apt (now deceased), Susan Fletcher and Mark Seligman. Now in 2009 Mark seems to have at least responded, but wonít reveal how to reach him and Susan is still out there in some part of Cyberspace I have yet to explore. Oh wait, I did go to Shenandoah Elementary with Alyson Echevarria where her mother was a teacher and I think Jim Goudie was there as well, but I donít ever remember seeing them after sixth grade in the hallowed halls of Southwest.

  I transferred to Southwest for my senior year and because I came in from New Mexico the graduation requirements were different, so the only "senior" class I had was English.  My required English class was with around forty other only senior year Eagles taught by the Drama coach and held out there in the same building with the shop classes.  Otherwise I was taking P.E. and Home Economics and some 10th grade Government class with some woman who was really into the United Nations.  I remember spending most of my time penning page after page to some guy in Vietnam.  Remember back in '67 we all very pro-military.  I drove a two tone blue '57 Plymouth with fluid drive and never had senior photos taken because I was not around in the spring of 1966. 

  So do you remember me?  Didn't think so, but that's okay because I would like to think that I am not the same person I was over 40 years ago.  Well at least I know I don't look the same.  Instead of some mousy 4'10" brunette, I found my true calling as a 5'8" redhead.  Didn't hit that growth spurt or discover Lady Clairol until college.   

  Forty three years is a lot of time to cover but I have seen careers as a television news broadcaster, worked on the Hill when Lawton Chiles was a US Senator, he is gone and I have been a Republican for the last 30 years, and then spent almost twenty years doing sales and marketing for TWA.  Twenty years ago I was able to put that night school masters in Health Care Administration to work when I became the life sciences sector expert for the Canadian Consulate General in Atlanta.  Long title, but what I really do is help Canadian biotech/pharmaceutical companies in finding partners and investment dollars for their research.  Married USAF pilot but lost him to the big C over 20 years ago.  The Federal government made it too lucrative for me to ever remarry, but after age 55, that no longer matters so I have been engaged to a Southern Gentleman since 2008. I wonít marry him (yes, I found one who can actually afford me) until his annulment is finalized. The one thing that has sustained me these many years is my strong faith and my practice of Catholicism.

  Only daughter now 40, a Delta flight attendant, gave me the best gift ever in 2008 with the presentation of Shelby Joan McDaniel. My daughter is still flying and son in law Todd is with the University of Georgia so I get to be full time "grand" about eight days a month. Okay Iím not as young as I once was and have hired a nanny to help, but it is a great experience, especially seeing and using all the new gadgets that werenít around 40 years ago. And who would have though Noggin would be earmarked as one of my favorites on the remote control.

  As my big #60 this Fourth of July approaches I hope to be able to change my name to Mary Louise McRae. I will spend my year being "grand" and making annual trips to Disney in September (when the crowds are gone), New York in January and May in Las Vegas. After so many years in the airline industry there is just no desire to journey further than the continental 48. Love gardening, local travel that involves history and my car, and entertaining my three dogs including 140 pound Giant Schnauzer named Panzer and the Alabama Airedale half-sisters, Draka and Johanna von Shrackenburg.

  I'll keep reading Jeff's updates and look forward to meeting all of you for the "first" maybe at number 50.

Mary Goodie January 20,2009

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