Jim Goudie Class of  1967

  Married in 1974 to Sandra whom I met while in the USAF in Tucson.  Sandy has Masters in Early Education and adores teaching K-3.  She even wants to go back to school to build on her  Master's since we don't have any little ones left at home.  She is currently stressed with an addition at our house.  Her main hobbies are her dogs (7 all types) and arts and crafts.  She is trying to convince me that she should raise her latest breed, her Welsh Corgi.  She is keeping the economy rolling by shopping more than she needs to, especially at antique stores!!!  Three children:
  Danielle- 24, lives and goes to school in Birmingham, Al., where we enjoyed living from Jan 97 to Dec 99 when we came back to previous employer here in Cols, GA.  Wants to be a radiology technician.  Has lost much time and credits changing schools and majors.  Loves to compete in horse shows (rides English) and currently concentrating on dressage.  Is very sociable, has a great heart and is fun to be around.
  Jaime-22, is a minor league pro baseball player in the Toronto Blue Jay system.  Was a high school All American, had "signed early" to play at Auburn but went pro when drafted in 9th round by the Dodgers in 1997 out of high school.  Is currently playing in the Florida State League with the Dunedin team.  They play throughout south central Fla.  He is an outstanding athlete and better yet, a good young man.  His pro life has had many ups and downs and he is learning quite a lot about the real world at an early age!! He is a bright young man and knows the value of college and has the baseball scholarship plus the Georgia Hope program when he goes back to school. Hoping to get down to watch him next weekend.
  Noelle-21, is still in high school in special ed program.  Many handicaps, however, she is ours, is very friendly and has as much charisma as her sister and brother which usually gets her out of trouble when she bugs us too much.  She helps us keep an honest perspective on life.
  We lived in Miami from 74 to 84.  I had a real estate business with two brothers and exported heavy equip to Venezuela when they had more money than they knew what to do with.  Early 80's problems with high interest, Liberty City, oil went down along with us thinking more with testosterone rather than brains, caught us overextended with too much to do, not enough customers and our real estate partners no where to be found.  Got me rethinking priorities and decided to move to Tucson and try something different.  I thought my degree in Hospitality Management from FIU would help with all the resorts out there. 
In 1985, started working in the ready mix business from the supply side of the business in AZ for Blue Circle, a giant multi national building materials company based in the UK.  I came to Georgia in 1990 to work for an independent ready mix concrete supplier that wanted to grow his business. Had 6 plants in 1990 and now have over 30 throughout GA, AL, and panhandle of FL.  Headquarters are in Columbus, Ga. which we have gotten very comfortable living in.  It is funny that one of our competitors in many of our markets is Blue Circle which has recently been purchased by an outfit out of France called LaFarge.  As an independent with a local, hardworking owner makes us a little quicker and mobile than the big boys so we are holding our own.  I was running a ready mix concrete company in Birmingham for another multi national group out of France for 2+ years and the politics were everywhere and getting answers and decisions took for ever.
  Five of the eight brothers and sisters graduated from Eagle country.  Six are still in Miami; my youngest sister LyAnn is an attorney in Tampa.  My mother still lives on 54th St with one of sisters, Diana, and my youngest brother Jack.  John and Joe still do some real estate and construction. Irene is married to a great fellow and has 3 kids about the age of mine. Mary Lou has worked for the same cosmetic company for over 25 years!  All of them say that I used up mine as well as their middle age crazies in the early 80's but have turned out OK (whatever that means)!!!!
  This is the long version of the last 34 years, at times it has been great, overall they have been good.  I have met great folks and am still having a good time living, working and trying hard to be a good and decent human being!!!

Best regards to all, Jim Goudie

Bio Date 4/21/2001

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