Larry Green Class of 1967

  To say the least, life has been very interesting since SW 1967.  To keep this simple I'll use bullet points versus paragraphs of text.

  Bachelors/Masters degrees from Asbury College (a small college outside of Lexington, KY)

  Served as an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church for 5 1/2 years (3 years of that in Brandon, FL - just outside of Tampa) 1st marriage lasted 13 years - one child - Laura Green, she stayed with me after the divorce, she and I are still extremely close - I either fly her home once a month, or go to Chicago once a month 2nd marriage going strong +14 years now (I married my best friend the second time around) - one child - Taylor Green

  Laura is now 24, lives in Chicago, and works for an e-business consulting firm Taylor is now 12, plays football, good looking (got that from his Italian mother), and wants to be a doctor (my knees need him now)

  I left the ministry in 1977 and joined the Procter & Gamble Company (Tide, Crest, Pampers, Charmin, etc.) - I started in Sales and moved to Jacksonville, FL, Charlotte, NC, and then Cincinnati as I moved up in sales In 1985 switched from Sales to Human Resources - (Training & Development) - series of positions in HR (Mgr.US Sales Training, Mgr.Global Training for F&A, Mgr.Sales Restructure/Reorganization Training) Current role is Assoc.Director of P&G's Global Learning Center in Cincinnati (our world headquarters location) with global responsibilities for T&D.  I travel a fair amount to P&G's +80 offices around the globe, and in the U.S.  (mostly representing P&G at various and sundry functions) My wife Jacqueline is originally from Philadelphia, but lived in South Florida for most of her life (Hallandale).  She works for P&G as well and is responsible for New Business Development in the Sales organization.  We travel to South Florida (Boca Raton) several times a year as she still has family living there.

  We are currently working with a broker on some property in North Boca/South Delray on the intercoastal for the purpose of retiring.  Unfortunately with stock price drops in 2000, retirement is probably still 5-6 years off, but we want to lock in the land now if we can identify the right place/right price.

  To the request for poems - sorry not my field of expertise - I enjoy reading some that have been posted, but will not embarrass myself by even attempting.

  To the request for a philosophy - one that has worked is "Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way" - a bit blunt and direct, but I find it works personally, and it helps in managing a large organization if all associates do the same.

  Concerning Reunions - I haven't made one yet (after John Fortner's death in Vietnam - best friend in high school - I avoided it at first) - later just never connected with the details or mailings, etc. - but would be interested in 2002. 

Larry W. Green

Bio August 02, 2000

Wednesday, October 04, 2000