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Naida's Daughter Niki


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Naida Katz   Portrait by Jeff Fain

  I have really enjoyed browsing through the reunion website also. I'm not much on responding frequently, for my husband and I run a small family-owned business, I have a 17-year old son and a very active 13-year old daughter, and live in a small town where it seems to take a lot longer to do things and get places!

  My husband is Bob Koraly (Southwest class of 65). On September 7 we will be married for 32 years -- we were married for 15 years before having our first child -- time flies when you're having fun! Our children are wonderful, and we have been very blessed with our life. We both work hard and play hard, and I still love to dance and "rock out" (much to the embarrassment of my 13-year old), play tennis and go to the beach. For several years prior to having children, I had my own advertising and design company, then starting working with my husband designing and drafting houses after we started our family. I am vice-president of the United Methodist Women, where I try to teach the "old ladies of the church" that the gospel of Jesus Christ and the joy of rock and roll can actually compliment each other! I am a true believer, but still like to philosophize, and often take life too seriously. I like a good scotch (on the rocks or with a splash of soda) or a dry Merlot, action movies, love stories, Broadway plays, concerts, baseball games (Go Braves!), good books (that aren't love stories!) and lots of sunshine.

  My son Rob is in his senior year of high school, plays varsity tennis, is co-editor of the school yearbook, works summers and weekends as a first mate on a deep-sea fishing charter boat, and writes a weekly fishing article for the local newspaper, which they call the "Mullet Wrapper" (when I say small town, I mean small town!). He is in the honors program at school and hopes to go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He played baseball for many years before tennis, and my husband coached his team for several years, and two all-star teams.

  My daughter Nikida (Niki) is in 8th grade, on the school soccer team, plays the french horn (made All-District Band last year) and piano, takes ballet and jazz, plays softball and volleyball. She also is active in our church choir and youth group, scored a 970 on the SAT as a 7th grader, and she loves to have fun. I coached her recreational softball team for three years, and we won the regional championships one year.

  As a family, we like to go snow skiing every year out in Colorado or Montana or California (everyone but MOM has gotten into snowboarding this year, so I might have to try it and break these old bones!), and we also go fishing and boating (we have a 28' sports fishing boat named "Spirit" parked in our back yard). We are members of the SKA (Southern Kingfish Association), and my husband and son spend a lot of time together hunting and fishing.

  Our town is located on the coast of North Carolina, right where they point to on the Weather Channel when discussing hurricane landfalls the past few years. Hurricanes Bertha, Fran, Bonnie, Earl, & Floyd have all visited us! Since we live right on the water, it made life very interesting.

  Well, that just about covers who I am and what I've been doing. I've thought a lot about high school days when my son entered high school, and it was hard to think it was that long ago! I am attaching photos of me and my children, and want you to know that I appreciate the efforts that you have all made to keep in touch and see what people have done with their lives.

Thanks, Naida Katz Koraly

Bio August 20, 2000

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