Kathy Lassiter Class of  1967


Kathy Lassiter  Portrait by Jeff Fain


Bill & Betty Lassiter, November 9, 2010 Thanks Rodger

Kathy and the cuties, November 9, 2010 Thanks Rodger


 Remember the football team's poem at rallies?
  The grass is green, the sky is blue, we've gotta lot of work to do.

  Oh my memory drives me crazy!!!

  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

  Remember reciting that every morning at Blue Lakes Elementary?

  I hope all is well.  We've had a very busy summer with reunions in McCall, Idaho and one in Southern Utah.  We also spent a week down in Orlando at the Children's Miracle Network Telethon and some time in Okeechobee with my 95 year old granny and aunts and uncles.  Had a super time.  My grandmother is still as sharp as she was in her 40's.  That's amazing to me.

  Being a grandmother is the best.  My little grandson calls me "Nammah Taffey".  At first I was Tampah and my husband was Tampon. LOL  That was too funny.  We got him to change that really quick.  Dawson, my grandson, is 2 1/2 and my granddaughter, Savannah, is 1 year old.  She's a real beauty and he's a real cutie.  Whew, am I clever or what?  Or what, I guess.  Richard, be kind!!!

  For some that don't know, I am the mother of 4 sons that are all raised and married.  They all served 2 year missions for our Church.  Two went to Korea, one to Kentucky and Ohio and one went to France.  The one that went to France was originally scheduled for Flight 800 that crashed.  Three weeks before he was to leave, the church changed his flight to flight 800 the day before.  Thank goodness.  It was a scary situation.

  I live in Eugene, Or and really love it.  I left Miami, 2 weeks after graduating.  My family moved to Arcola, Illinois.  A town of 2300  people. The most exciting thing to do there was watch the corn and soy beans grow. It was quite a culture shock for me.  After I married, we lived there for awhile and then moved to Arizona, Utah, Missouri, Montana, Washington State, and now Oregon.  It's been great meeting wonderful people all over the country.  I loved the slow pace and cattle drives in Montana.  It was just another world there.  I really loved it.

  My husband, Van, and I have been married for 29 years.  He's absolutely my best friend. We love to play, travel, camp, boat, fish, garden and work at projects together.  He's a very special man to put up with me and my sick and demented sense of humor for all of these years.  Menopause is such a special experience, LOL, and he knows what days is best for him to work in the shop. That's when the tiger is turned loose!!!!!!!

  I'm enjoying the messages from all of you.  I hope everyone is well.  We're planning on being there, where ever, for the 35th reunion.

Kathy Lassiter Criddle

Bio July 23, 2000


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