Roger Mc Caskill Class of  1967


 Here's a short BIO of what my brother CARL and I have been doing for a few years. I went to MIAMI-DADE after SW HIGH and graduated in AVIATION ADMIN. CARL graduated from the NASHVILLE AUTO DIESEL COLLEGE.

  After graduation we both drove my dad's tractor trailers around the country for a couple months. Long hours! In late 1969 we both won the draft lottery, #26. Carl went into the NAVY CB's for 2 years, with 1 year in Vietnam. I went into the Air Force and was a jet engine mechanic. I was stationed in Southeast Asia for the most part, Okinawa, then to Taiwan. I left there several times on TDY assignments. All together I have over 1.5 years in Vietnam.

 When Carl left Vietnam, I went in. It drove my parents crazy over that decision, but I wanted to see for myself, what the "Police Action" was all about. One trip I was on, hauling Viet Cong/North Vietnamese (NVA) prisoners to an exchange, we blew a tire on landing on top of a mountain. I spent the day with those folks. We got invited by the NVA to spend the night, but after a tire change, the air commander didn't think to much of that idea and we flew out.

 While home on leave, Carl and I went to "Mothers Lounge" (name from the past) for a quick beer. The waitress carded me and not him. Carl explained that we were twins, she said "I don't care, I want to see his ID." Go figure! I got out of the service in 1974 and went on to get my Pilots and Airframe / Powerplant Licenses. I, also used my GI benefits and graduated from FIU in 1981. The FAA was hiring air traffic controllers and I joined them in 1975. I have been with them for a little over 26 years. No, I don't smoke and I drink a couple beers on the weekend. It is a fun job. I worked at the Miami Air Route Control Center for 19 years, its over by the Palmetto Expy. and 58th St. I transferred up here to Atlanta Center in 1994, it's a really nice area up here. Biggest thing to worry about going to work, is a deer might jump out onto the road.

 Carl was hired by Publix in 1975 and he transferred up here, in 1997, as a parts manager. I spent the last week of his life with him, he passed away April 24,1999. As weak as he was, Carl showed me some wonderful things surrounding him. Carl is survived by his wife Mary, daughter Jeannie and son Fred. I miss him.

 I have 4 kids, Meghan 17 yrs., Elliott 15 yrs., Hillary 12 yrs. and Lauren 10 yrs. I have been divorced for about 4 months. I'm building a home in the country, where it is nice and quiet. I hope to retire in a few years. Believe or not I did shorten this Bio! Take care everybody.

Roger McCaskill in Senoia, Georgia (45 min. south of Atlanta)

Bio Date 7/17/2001

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