John Mitchell Class of  1967


John and his new best friend September 2004


  Sue Everson (Sister of Mike Everson '67) John and Debbie Deck


Maxi and Pooky


Maxi is at the gate.... LOL

John Mitchell

 After High School I attended Miami-Dade Jr. College for a couple of years. I majored in beer drinking, arguing with professors, and assorted other Animal House activities. At 19, thanks to Renard Cruz, I discovered computers and I was hooked. I enrolled in a Control Data Programming Technology class and have been engrossed with the creation of commercial business systems ever since. I worked for Deltona Corp and Real Estate Data Inc. in Miami until 1975. In 1975, I was hired by Western Airlines in Los Angeles.  Western moved me to California and I lived in Manhattan Beach California for 20 years. Unfortunately in 1976 my mother passed on and I did not get back to Miami very much after that. At Western  Airlines,  I met Brenda my current wife and the only woman with the patience to put up with me for very long. Although I must admit Wende Fullerton had a huge impact on my life and inspired me to become a better person (she doesn't know this).  When Western Airlines was bought by Delta Airlines in the early '80s, I went to work for Continental Computer Services which became System One. Unfortunately, System One was bought by EDS. Not wanting to move to Dallas, I accepted a position at Isuzu Motors as Director of Applications development and stayed with Isuzu until I left California in 1995 and moved to DALLAS Texas. This move was predicated by my wife's wish to be closer to her parents in Arkansas. I could resist corporate pressure but not the love of my life. After moving to Dallas I was on a 3 year contract for systems development and legacy conversion with Citizens Insurance in Detroit, Mi (actually Howell, Mi.). During this period I commuted weekly from Dallas to Detroit. From that point, like most IT Consultants, I have been involved in Y2K Legacy (gag me with a spoon) remediation.  I am now an independent Management and Project Management Consultant here in Dallas. I last visited Miami in 1994.  The old neighborhood had changed quite a bit but, the old High School looked better than I remembered. In the good old days I was always racing around the neighborhood in whatever car was my flavor of the month. While I was in Miami, I did take the opportunity to squeal my rental car's tires in front of the house where Debbie Deck's parents used to live just for old times sake. Miami was a great place to grow up. I have so many fond memories of the people from Southwest High, Riviera Jr. High and Tropical Elementary. It is amazing, even though Miami was not a small town, how so many of our lives were intertwined from Elementary school through High school and beyond. I named a cat (which was my soul mate for almost 14 years in California) after one of James Cadwallader's high school girlfriends. I can't tell the name or the secret password I use for everything would be broken. I was surprised to hear that Charner "Denny" Skagseth became a Green Beret. I would have guessed a Navy Seal, or, did he join the swim team just to impress my sixth grade girlfriend Carol Evans. I guess we will never know. And, my x-neighbor Debbie Deck, well it is good to read she is still the same "Debbie Deck" unstoppable force. It was also good to read that my old friends Chris Dobbins and Tom Bielecki are still kickin'. I would love to hear from any of my old friends, unless I still owe you money. Ok, even if I still owe you money, I would love to hear from you.

John Mitchell

Bio March 7, 2000