Anne Monfort Class of  1967

  I am glad to be in the KIT program!  Thanks for letting us get to know each other all over again.  I have been reading the messages and looking at all the pictures.  I don't have my yearbook, so it is great to have the pictures in the web.

  I went to Miami Dade Jr. College, then married Gregory Joseph Ramon .  Then we moved to Tampa,  I attended Hillsborough Community College and  USF. Then I began  working at the College of Medicine at USF.  We have three children.  Our first born son, Gregory David, is now an engineer working in Boca Raton, married to Tania and they are expecting their first baby.  Our daughter Elizabeth graduated Summa cum laude from USF and she is now working as a fifth grade teacher and going back for her master's degree.  Jeff our youngest son is at Blacke High School (4.0 average).  He is also in the swim team there.  I am planning to attend the next reunion, God willing.

Anne Monfort Ramon

Bio September 12, 2000

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