Nellie Monfort Class of  1967


Nellie Monfort and husband Bill Brothers

Nellie and Bill Brothers

January 1999


Nellie Monfort  Portrait by Jeff Fain


Nellie Monfort Brothers  Portrait by Jeff Fain


Name: Nellie Monfort Brothers

Marital Status: Happily Married to Bill Brothers

Children: Kimberly (19) and William (15)

Employment: Appraisal Real Estate Economics

Residence: Miami Florida

  After graduating from Southwest, I went to work full-time while putting myself through night school at Miami Dade Junior College. I received an AA degree in Accounting and Business Administration. I worked my way up from a receptionist, to assistant bookkeeper, and eventually to Head Bookkeeper for Export Shipping and Barco International, an export and import corporation. After a few years, I got tired of numbers and of not getting paid my fair share, so I decided to try something new. I was hired as a legal secretary and office manager, for a criminal defense attorney. I loved criminology and I learned fast. I really enjoyed my job, and I stayed with him for over 10 years, until Kimberly was born. Then I worked from home for the same attorney, mainly doing his books. I was one of the original-work from-home secretaries for another10 years, until he retired and moved out of state. I was blessed to be able earn a little money, while being a safety patrol and assistant-classroom mother at my children's school and also attending PTA meetings, going on field trips, and participating in many committees. Today, I'm a librarian for AREEA, an appraising, real estate economics and assessment firm.

  I met my husband, Bill, in 1969, while attending college at night, and we became best friends. We dated for about 5 years before we finally tied the knot. I'm still happily married to him and we have two beautiful children, Kimberly (20) and William(15). They are both very bright, loving, and talented individuals. Our daughter, Kimberly, is in her second year of college, majoring in journalism. She is an excellent writer and loves to travel. She is doing an internship for a well known magazine at the present time. Kimberly was a Chatonette during her junior year at Palmetto and I volunteered as a chaperone for all the football games. It was a lot of fun and brought back many happy memories. When we played against Southwest I wore purple socks and cheered for both teams. And our son, William, is in 10th grade at a magnet school taking all honor classes. William loves baseball and played in the Palmetto Khoury League for many years. He loves art and is in the Art program at his school. He recently had one of his art pieces in exhibition at Miami Community College downtown campus.

  My husband and I are very involved in our church and belong to several ministries, one of which is to prepare couples for marriage. We are both Eucharistic Ministers and we are one of the lead couples for the Renew 2000 groups in our parish. We also contribute and volunteer for many charitable organizations.

  In 1989, we were burglarized at night while sleeping. Afterwards, the children and I were having trouble sleeping so we decided to try Taekwondo. Needless to say, we loved it. We are all black belts and have participated in many tournaments and won many medals and trophies. Kimberly and William, both competed in the State Competition and Junior Olympics.

  In 1995, I had a complete hysterectomy and it was a horrible experience for me. I nearly died from an over-reaction to the muscle relaxant administered to me, prior to surgery. I was not allowed to take any pain medication except for Tylenol after the surgery. The only good thing was that since I was not doped, I did a lot of walking right away which speeded up my recovery.

  We have a dog, a cat and an Iguana. We still live in Miami and we like this crazy city. I would love hearing from any one who remembers me.

Nellie Monfort Brothers

Bio September 01, 2000

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