Carol Moore Class of 1967

  I am married to John "Ed" Whaley.   Dec. 30th will be our 23rd anniversary.
He works for Dade County School Board making and installing air conditioning duct work and anything made of metal that is needed in the schools (lockers,

  I have 4 children (two from a previous marriage).  David is 32 and lives in Belgium.  (He has been there for 7 years, Roger and so you have my support as you face sending one off and experiencing the empty nest.  I do have two left at home, but it is still hard.) No, I have not been to visit, maybe I will get there one day.  John is 28 and is married to Cindy . (no grandchildren).  He lives in Sunrise , Fl. and is a graphic artist.  Matthew is 19 and is attending FIU. He is studying to be a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  He has a long way to go . He works in the library at FIU, a job that would not have been his first choice, but has turned out to be something he really enjoys.  Jessica is 16 and attends Fl. Christian School. She is a junior.  She plays the flute in the band and is band secretary, plays on the varsity basketball team, sings in the youth choir at church and serves on the youth council, and plans to go out for the softball team this year.

  I  taught preschool at Andromeda Pre School in Jacksonville, and now I am a substitute teacher at King's Christian School (where my kids went to k-3 through 8th grades).  I sub for all grades, but usually get Jr. High since no one else wants the stress.  They love to try to freak out the sub!!

  Mostly, I have tried to be home for the kids as much as possible and to be available for field trips, and PTA responsibilities, However, now that every one is pretty much grown I am back in school.  I am enrolled in the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary which has an extension center in Miami. I will enjoy getting the degree, but I really think it will be exciting and useful as I teach in the College and Career Dept. at church.  Guess that dispels the myth that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  I am enjoying the kit messages and will try to join in occasionally, after I do my homework!

Carol Moore Whaley

Bio August 25, 2000

Wednesday, October 04, 2000