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Zavie Newmark  2001


Zavie Newmark   Portrait by Jeff Fain

  After graduation, I left Miami for Chicago where I attended the University of Chicago getting a BA in biology in 1971.  Chicago was very interesting in the late 1960's with the campus sit-in and the student riots in Grant Park at the Democratic Convention.  I was never very radical but observed events with interest.  It as a very crazy time. I was awarded a good number in the first draft lottery and escaped Vietnam.   A few winters in the Midwest were enough so I returned to Florida for Medical School at the University of Florida 1971-75.  I came west for my postgraduate training doing my internship and then residency at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.  I fell in love with the Northwest have been here ever since.  I finished my residency in Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) in 1980.   I met my wife Sarah in Portland where she was teaching at Pacific University and we were married in 1981.  I joined the Air Force for the grand tour of Europe.  We spent two and a half years in Weisbaden, Germany and had a great time.  Our son Gideon was born in 1983 just as we were finishing our tour. I came back to the Northwest and joined a multi specialty Clinic in the south suburbs of Seattle where I have practiced for the last 14 years.  Our daughter Hannah was born here in 1986.  I have had only one extended vacation when I was given an all expenses paid trip to lovely Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm courtesy of the Reserves.  It was an interesting although not altogether pleasant experience.  Needless to say, I am no longer in the Reserves.  Our clinic was purchased by a local hospital so I have been an employee for the last 4 years--also an interesting experience.

  We live on Mercer Island, a bedroom community next to Seattle.  My wife Sarah is a professional volunteer.  Gideon is 14 and working hard to survive the teenage years.  Hannah is 11 and slowly becoming a teenager.  I am fairly happy as a hospital employee but times are changing in Medicine and I am keeping my options open.  I am thinking about business school in a few years if current trends in Medicine continue and I get tired of night calls.

  This is Sarah Newmark, Zavie's wife.  I'm sending your email on to Zavie at work, as he is a less compulsive e-mailer than I am, and I don't like his piling up correspondence in my email list!  He said he was going to get his own address, but I think I'M going to have to do so!

  We actually don't live in Miami-Zavie hasn't lived there since high school. He went to U of Chicago, Gainesville for Medical School and did specialty training (ENT) at the U or Oregon in Portland, where we met about 19 or so years ago.  (I was teaching college English in a university west of Portland.)  We lived in Europe for the first couple of years of marriage and have lived in Seattle since 1983.  We have two kids, a son named Gideon who is 16 and giving us gray hairs, and a daughter named Hannah who had her Bat Mitzvah last weekend!  Zavie's 50th bd is next Sunday, May 2nd-I expect many of the '67 classmates are "celebrating" similar events this year.  (I'm a youngster of only 45! <g>)

  Anyway, I'm forwarding your mail to Zavie with a note to him to answer it! I expect he will if there's a patient lull!

  Best wishes for a great 50th year!

  I spoke to Zavie at dinner tonight about catching up on his correspondence, and he indicated that he was planning to do so.  We'll see!  We've all been a bit overwhelmed by Bat Mitzvah details of late.

  Zavie is an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist).  I am something between a stay at home mom (hah!) and a workaholic-I am currently a professional volunteer, working 40-60 hours/week for free, readying myself to become the president of our 850 family synagogue in a few weeks.  I am also on the Executive Committee for Women of Reform Judaism, an organization of 100,000 women in 13 countries.  I am on WRJ's Speakers' Bureau and travel all over the country doing leadership training and conducting workshops on various topics-lately on Jewish women's spirituality.  I will be in NY in May and St. Louis in June and will definitely look you up if I ever speak in S. Carolina.  (My brother and best friend live in Greensboro, NC, so I'd never say no to a "gig" in the vicinity of their homes.)

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Friday, July 13, 2001