Nora Nobles Class of  1967


Nora, Drew [13], Clark [17], and husband, Larry. 


Nora Nobles    Portrait by Jeff Fain

  I am really enjoying my most recent appointment as a high school principal. I was promoted in October when the Superintendent decided she needed a person to go in and clean up and tighten up the discipline in a school with 3,000 students.  The school is John I. Leonard High School in Lake Worth, Fl (just north of Boca and south of West Palm Beach).  The kids are great and I have empowered them to clean up the campus.  They are doing a great job landscaping, pressure cleaning walls, etc. It already looks 100% better. One of the school board members is coming to see me at 1:00 tomorrow for a walk around the campus.

  I had a great experience about four weeks ago.  All principals get trained in Crisis Response Techniques for emergencies.  I was standing in the cafeteria when a fight broke out.  Being the closest administrator to the situation, I radioed on the walkie-talkie for the crisis team to come to the cafeteria, fight in progress.  Then I stepped up to the fight, grabbed the arm of one of the boys, twisted his arm behind his back, pulled him back on my thigh, grabbed his other arm, and flipped him to the floor, where I straddled him and restrained him until the remainder of the team arrived (they were there within 40 seconds and pretty impressed with my restraint). When I stood up, some of the boys on the wrestling team gave me a standing ovation and told me to "weigh in next week."  Pretty funny BUT the word spread around the campus in two hours, "don't mess with the new principal because she will take you right down to the floor."

  My husband and I socialize occasionally with Susan Upchurch and her husband. She definitely has an e-mail address but I don't have it handy.  I'll call her and tell her your e-mail address so she can get in touch with you.

  I was really disappointed to see so few people at our last reunion. I know people live in the fast lane and don't have much time but it is nice to keep a few ties to the past.

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Thursday, September 07, 2000