Carl Passoff Class of  1967


Carl Passoff    Portrait by Jeff Fain

  Our middle son, Lon, got married this last weekend in the Bahamas and we had a great time.  We took a cruise over there and then spent three days on the Island and cruised back.  We had a blast.  So now we have Mike, our oldest married with our first great granddaughter, and Lon married off. Stephanie starts University of Georgia on Sunday.  She can't wait and we are very excited for her.  It is going to be very quiet around here as empty nesters, but it will be fun to be able to go and do anything at any time.  I think we will get used to it pretty quick.

  It looks like we are opening up another store in Peachtree Center downtown around October and we might be going into another mall before the holidays set in.  It's going to be a very busy few months.

  Jeff LaRochelle had the good fortune to get together with Carl in Atlanta a couple of times during business trips.  He made four trips in a several month span, and was able to see Carl on three of those trips.  One visit Carl and Jeff went for a seafood dinner, another visit they met Mickey Ross for dinner, and the third time Jeff went to Carl's home for dinner with his wife Randy.  These trips were in 1995 and 1996 prior to the Summer Olympics. The Passoff family had purchased tickets (through a family connection) to virtually every event and were justifiably excited about the upcoming activities.  Their only concern was that Randy and I believe both Mike and Stephanie were scheduled to actually work as volunteers for a good many events.  At the time, they were worried that their volunteer commitments would interfere with their tickets for spectating.  Carl reports that things worked out and they had the experience of a lifetime at the Olympics.

  Carl manages fast food outlets in food courts of local shopping malls.  His stores are named "Big Easy," and as the name implies, they serve New Orleans cuisine.  The Bourbon Chicken is delicious, but so are all the other selections.  Jeff visited a nearby "Big Easy" several times and usually ordered a combination plate and then added one or two side dishes when he ate there.  He made a point of eating there at least once each visit, and not out of loyalty to Carl, but genuinely liked the food there.  As reported above, Carl has three children.  Two grown boys and a daughter still in high school.  Carl still has the same zest for life and friendly disposition that he did at Southwest.  Jeff told Carl's son Lon stories about Carl's Riviera and Southwest exploits that he seemed to get a kick out of.  Lon that is, Carl kept trying to change the subject.

Bio Date 8/25/98

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