Pam Peltier Class of  1967


 Pamela Ann Peltier, Harris, Quig, Jennings, Peltier.  Circle complete. Obviously somewhere along the way I got over the notion that was ingrained in our generation that you had to be married.  I finally realized who I was and what I could do and that my reality didn't have to be defined in who I was married to.  Have been single since "84" and the last 10 years have been better than any prior time I can remember.  .......Attended 1 year at Miami Dade (Nursing School) and then got married to #1 when he returned from Viet Nam, a person I no longer knew.  Short space and then #2 .  This union brought  2 girls and a boy who are now 25(Alicia), 23(Jennifer), and 21(Chester).  We moved to Virginia when Alicia was 2 weeks old and became "Farmers".  After 10 years I found myself a single farmer, and can 25,000 breeding hens, a herd of cows, 4 hogs and 2 dogs and 3 children ever make you learn what you're made of in a hurry.  As a contract breeder for (now Tyson) Holly Farms I worked 24/7/365 and raised 3 children.  Sometimes I think I could give Forest Gump a run for his money.  "Chicken stew, chicken gumbo, chicken fricassee, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings............and don't get me started on eggs.  I can do plumbing, electrical work, run a tractor or skid loader with the best.  One day I woke up and said, "who's life is this anyway?"  Sold it all, went back to school and got my RN, which was all I wanted in the first place.  By the way, #3 was in there somewhere, but as one who liked to use his fists, he only deserves mention and no more.  Five years ago (kids all grown and on their own) I moved back to Florida (Lake Wales) .  Have a dream job in a 300 bed Nursing Home.  Teaching CNA classes, Training and Education for 300 employees, Safety Officer, Employee Health Coordinator and Party Planner. Occasionally work the floor to keep my hand in the actual Nursing.  Have a home-based business "Balloonscapes"  which is just plain fun.  My partner and I build large balloon arches, and balloon drops, and do other large balloon decor for weddings and parties.  I bowl in a league and traveled to Reno this year to bowl at Nationals.  Usually in Chicago every March, Virginia in August and November and do several bowling tourneys around Florida during the year.  As of this past month (my age is showing) I became a grandmother for the first time.  Had to happen sooner or later.

 However, on the subject of aging, I still have jet black hair and its not from a bottle.  In my spare time I volunteer with Tiger Lake Lions as third vice pres., put some hours in with SHARE and do a few hours here and there at Bok Tower.  I drive a Chevy Silvarado, struggle to understand this computer and enjoy spending time with my friends, gardening and deep sea fishing.  If you told me in 1975 that life could be this much fun, I wouldn't have believed you.  The introvert is gone.  This bio is LaRochelle style so I'll end with thanking you for the memories you have allowed us to enjoy.  I never traveled in the circles with most of the class on line but I do remember some of the names and many of the events mentioned and look forward to the daily messages.

Pamela Peltier

Bio September 27, 2000

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