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Donna Dan Scott and family.


Donna and Clasmate Rick Hinton

  This is Donna Redstone Scott a former "Eagle".  First I must say I remember Nancy Smith from Riviera Jr. High and though I didn't have a crush on her as Jeff L. did, I recall that she was a very sweet person.  We played together on the softball team  during that time.  I was sad to see her leave as she was always nice to me and many people weren't at that time.  But alas life goes on and certainly gets better.   I went from high school to vocational school and played dental assistant for a few years before working at a bank.  I got married in Miami in 1973 and traveled to New England, near Boston, for three years.  My husband got us back to  Rockledge, Florida.  We then moved to Orange Park, which is near Jacksonville in 1978, where we still reside.  We started having children in 1979 and finally stopped in 1987 (thank you God).  We have four children ranging in age from 13 to 21. Our oldest (Alyssa) is a senior in the honors program at University of South Florida and plans to be (as of today) an Optometrist.  Our next is 19, he plays a mean trumpet BUT doesn't want to pursue music.  He will be a computer nerd like his father. He (B.J.) is attending classes at the local Jr college.   The next ( Cassie) is the child that gives me gray hair and is 17 ..... she is the reason I have a new car as cars and trees don't do well in the same spot.........enough said.   The last (Matthew) is 13 ,  who at this time appears very bright, but puberty is about to strike so who knows what will happen to this wonderful child !!!   My husband worked for Digital Equipment Corp. for 26 years before they were bought by Compaq.  He now works for Compaq ...duh....  Until this past May, when the grant money ran out, I was what is referred to as a Domestic Violence Specialist.  I worked for a program that supervised court ordered visits between parents and their children.  These children are in the middle of custody cases or are involved in or victims of domestic violence.  I worked four days a week as an advocate in the courts and on the weekends I supervised visits and played program supervisor on some occasions.  I loved this job  but now am semi-actively looking for another paying job. I just completed a 24 hour training for the local Domestic Violence Shelter and this may be the opening I have been looking for.  I am also active as a volunteer in the Guardian Ad Litem program in the Fourth Judicial Circuit here in northeast Florida.  I was even named Guardian of the Year for our circuit a few years ago. It is truly a rewarding job especially when things go the way I want !!! Gosh.....I feel like the female version of Jeff........ LOL.  I got carried away.  My family would say it is the other way around as this is quite short for me!! Even though I blended in with the wallpaper while in school, my friends nowadays stare in disbelief when I tell them I was shy and didn't say much during those years.  I guess we all grow up and spread our wings.  After all that is what life is about.
Donna Redstone Scott 

Bio October 13, 2000

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