Joyce Richter Class of  1967

  Boy does time fly even when you are not having fun.  Well here goes - the Bio on Joyce (Richter) Ritter. After graduating from SW I went to Miami Dade Junior College.  While completing my second year I decided to get married to Jim Ritter and we will be married for 32 years this November 16th.  We are blessed with two great Sons.  J. R., who is 31 years of age, married with three children, one son and one daughter and one daughter from his wife's first marriage.  Raymond, who is 28 years of age, is married and is expecting his first in May of 2001.  Both boys run two of our business.  I'm not sure how we would have managed in this day and age without their help.  They both have their father's business sense and work habits and my good personality.  (ha!ha!) For over 30 years, my husband and I have owned Eureka Generator & Radiator. It is now a wholesale distribution company of Radiators and A/C Condenser for all makes and models of Automobiles and Light Trucks.  We started our business in an Exxon Service Station on US1 in Perrine.  We out grew the Service Station after a Major Gas War and only a few years of business, thus relocated and becoming a large Automotive Service Center with over ten bays and too many mechanics.  Since the cars have changed so much in the last few years and it is getting harder to find GOOD Skilled mechanics, we have closed down the repair side of our business and gone strictly to the distribution side.  We now have 20 plus delivery vehicles on the road and ship locally from Key West to South Palm Beach County.  We also ship to the Islands.  This business is where I spend 55 hours plus a week doing all the bookwork.  My oldest son J.R., manages and runs the business and helps with a lot of the headaches.   I work out of the main location in Miami.  We also have warehouses in both Hollywood and Pompano.  Does anyone need a Radiator? I knew now I should have taken Auto Mechanics instead of Home Economic. Maybe next time around.

  All work and no play makes the Ritter's (Richter) dull people, so as not to be dull, about 23 years ago the whole family got involved in Rolling Skating.  That is Competitive Roller Skating.  One Sunday morning I took my two boys to a birthday party at a Skating Center.  It was raining that morning so Jim (my husband) couldn't play golf, so he dusted off his old skates and went along.  That point on we were all hooked on the sport.  It is a wonderful sport to be involved in and involved we were.  Jim is a six time National Roller Skating Champion and the boys and I have spent many great hours of competition, fun, exercise and fellowship.  It was because of all this we decided to purchase our first Roller Skating Center about eight years ago in No. Lauderdale.  The workaholic my husband is, in January of 1998 we purchased our second Skating Center, Hot Wheels Skating Center. That was a big undertaking.  Just when we had the place cleaned up, turned around, and starting to pay some of the bills, Hurricane Irene came along and literally washed us away.  That's a long story that is still on going to date.  Right now we are working on opening another location.. Hopefully in the near future we will have another Center opened.

  Speaking of Hurricanes in our lives, in 1992 we had a major loss with Hurricane Andrew with our home and business.  We had over $100,000 worth of damage to our home and over $500,000 worth of damage to Eureka Generator & Radiator.  But, we didn't let that keep us down.  With a lot of hard work we rebuilt and came back stronger then ever. Besides work and my family, I am an active member of the Perrine Cutler Ridge Rotary.  I am on the Board of Directors and Club Secretary.  The Rotary does a lot of charity work for both the community and the world.  I am also involved in a business networking club and have been a board of director for six years. I hold my World Officiating and Judging Commissions in Roller Skating and have done a lot of traveling in Europe and the U.S. with the Roller Skating Association Judging and running Roller Skating Championships. I am sure I have put those of you who have continued reading this to sleep by now, so I will close.  I really have enjoyed reading the Bios of other classmates and look forward to seeing each of you soon.
Joyce (Richter) Ritter
Bio 10/27/00