Cindy Scobee Class of  1967


Cindy Scobee     Portrait by Jeff Fain

  I guess it is time to speak up and tell everyone how much I am enjoying all the updates on where everyone is in their lives at this point. I remember almost everyone, and I still have my '67 yearbook so I can refresh myself on the faces that go with the names. I was so shy and such a wallflower in high school, mostly due to a severe lack of self esteem. I have come a long way in those respects! My life now is really super, very fulfilling. I have four children, though that is hardly the term for them at this stage of life. Christina is 31 and mother of two little boys. She is a staff sergeant in the Air Force. Gary is 29 and father of a precious baby girl. He is a first class petty officer in the Navy. Nikki is my inherited child. I have raised her since she was 11 and I married her father. She is now 23 and works in county government. And lastly is Kyle, recently turned 18 and testing his wings as an adult. During my senior year in high school I married Gary Cummins, SW class of '64. We were married for 18 years. He developed a bad drug problem (mid-life crisis?), and when I had my fill we divorced. It was finally at that time of my life I learned how strong I was as a person. It was a very difficult time of life but the personal growth was tremendous. A couple years later I met Ray, to whom I have been married for almost 12 years. He is terrific, one of a kind. He has encouraged me to do and be whatever I want. I have a neat job with Lee County, living in Fort Myers. I work for the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The work is very fulfilling because I deal with people all day, issuing marriage licenses, performing marriage ceremonies and working with people applying for passports. It's a lot of fun too. I have a whole host of unusual stories. I may sit down someday and write a book about them all----maybe call it "As The Courthouse Turns". My husband and I just bought an older house that we are remodeling. It was built in 1958 and reminds me of the houses we grew up in, in Miami. The last time it was remodeled it was to harvest gold appliances and avocado shag carpeting. We work on it all the time! We had our previous house for sale and thought we would get all the heavy duty things in this one completed before we moved in. That was until our realtor brought us a cash sale and we had 2 weeks to vacate. So we are sitting on lawn chairs in the family room with only the bare necessities here, with everything else in storage. I gave up on my eBay sales until this is more livable. I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and thanks for taking the time to make me part of the group.

Bio June 18, 2000


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