Bob Siebold Class of  1967


  I'm just a regular guy with a regular job. I went through Blue Lakes and Riviera and of course Southwest.  In Riviera I was lucky enough to have a motorcycle so I think a lot of my time was spent on out of school endeavors. I do remember my biology partner was Linda Huddle. I also was in chorus with Paula Pet???, It was memorable because at all the recitals the chorus director would ask me just to mouth the words and not make and sounds. I'm guessing I was not meant to be a singer. I played J V Football for coach Marty Levin in my 10th grade year, we lost every game. Not going to be a football player either.  I paid little attention the other two years and just barely had grades good enough to graduate.  But I did have a great time.

  Went to Miami Dade for years until I married and went to work for the State Road Department.  Yes, those people who block lanes of traffic with the orange cones and generally make our lives hell when driving.  The people who worked for the DOT made me feel smart. I tried to attend the 10 year reunion at Crandon park ( right ) and when I got there Alan Court said I was not in the class of 67 so I left. I went to the twenty year at someplace near Miami Dade, I thought that was a good time. I transferred to Beautiful Naples on the Gulf. I became involved with a Fire Department and worked my way from Firefighter to Chief and retired in 1992. It just became too political!!! Should have kept draggin hose. After retiring I had a packing and shipping business and did rental property for a while, you know low cost weekly rentals, now that was an experience. Now that I was qualified to do anything I opened a USED CAR LOT and yes I do offer a 30 second or 30 foot warrantee.  I also do a lot of business on ebay.  If you want to see a recent picture check out seller DIRTYBOB49. I did a lot of announcing for the POP WARNER football program and now have moved on to be the announcer at the DRAG RACES at the Immokalee Regional Raceway.  Drag racing is not what it used to be on Kendall Dr. I tried marriage a # of times and finally got it right.  My wife's name is Jo Anne (she says I never listen ...  or something like that). She brought 2 kids with her, I brought 2 kids with me and then we had 3 foster kids.  Who are doing well and for the most part staying out of prison.

Bio September 13, 2000



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