Charner Skagseth Class of  1967


Charner "Denny" Skagseth


Charner "Denny" Skagseth    Portrait by Jeff Fain


Charner "Denny" Skagseth    Portrait by Jeff Fain

Charner Skagseth   a.k.a. Denny

One child Christine Skagseth

I work for United Space Alliance on the Space Shuttle Program In computer ops.

Home: Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Hobbies: Golf and everything around the salt water.

  After graduation, I immediately wasted two years and lots of my parents money at Andrew College.  Man did I have fun.  Rather than totally flunk out I went and played Army for a short stint.  I earned a Green Beret and ended up in the Fla. National Guard for weekends of more fun and games. I was very lucky and was never sent overseas or put in jeopardy that I didn't ask for.  After active duty I came home and married my Southwest High School sweetheart Carol Ann Evans. We lived well in Mia. and the apex of my life was born.  Christine Ann Skagseth. Carol worked for Southern Bell and I worked for Avis Rent-a-Car then Dade County.  During this time we both finished up Jr. College at Dade Jr. and Carol went on to get her degree at F.I.U.
 Carol was offered a nice promotion for a three-year tour in Atlanta so off we went.  While we were there, I finished up my learning at Georgia State University. We then moved to Merritt Island Fla. where I started my third career.  This time I had a fresh degree with a B.A. in Information Systems.  (That's what they called computers back then).  I started working at the Kennedy Space Center on the Shuttle program.  That was over 20 years ago and I am still here. Carol and I got divorced during that time, it only lasted about twenty years.  She lives on Merritt Island and I now live across the Banana River  (Part of the International Coastal Waterway) on Cocoa Beach.  Christine graduated from Brevard Community College and University of Central Florida. She is working in real estate with Coldwell Banker and doing quite well. She married a great young man, Peter Black and they have a home right across the Banana River on Merritt Island. More on them at  It seems that there are several of us that have landed in Central Florida. Being one of them, I understand it quite well.  I think this area is a lot like Miami used to be and I love it.  My parents still live in Miami and I get down often but it is always nice to come home to Cocoa Beach.  Where exactly do I live?  Most people have seen the signs or heard about Ron Jon's Surf shop.  I live almost right across the street.  Directions from anywhere in the worlds, Follow the signs to Ron Jonís and turn right.

Denny Skagseth
Bio January 31, 2004


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