John Smith Class of  1967


  Gee I wasn't a very social person in school, and though I may recognize some of the names, I don't know why I'm on this list.  Wasn't involved in any school activities. Was really kind of a loner and anti-social. Played in a little R&R band and did play for the soc hop at SW one year. I was in auto shop( 3 hr block) classes for both 11th and 12th grade. Lost contact with anyone I used to know back then. Miracle I ever graduated from SWHS. I was always in the office for one thing or another, and if wasn't for my foster mother fighting with the administrators each time I got in trouble I would have been expelled. Anyway, I married my high school sweetheart at SW back in '68. Her  name was Patricia Ashcraft at the time. Now some may remember her, she was more outgoing and involved in HS. Well, what I'd really like to ask of you folks is if anyone has an extra HS Yearbook? What would be a great project is to scan and make it available on-line to browse through, hey? Just thought it might refresh some old memories if we could put some pictures with the names. Maybe someone with a yearbook could just scan those who join or are on the list and make them available to d/l or browse. I'm sure there are costs involved as well as time. I'd be glad to help with the costs if someone would like to take the torch and run. Just an idea. Thanks all. Go Eagles!!!
John C. Smith
Bio March 8, 2000