The Thomases Class of  1967

Bud Thomas and Welyne Morton


Bud and Welyne meet Scarlett and Rhett..

Portrait by Jeff Fain '67

Bud and Welyne meet Scarlett and Rhett..


Hey Everyone the school is on fire !!!!!


Welyne Morton Thomas   Portrait by Jeff Fain

  I can hardly believe that 30 years has past since High School. Where did the time go?  As many of you know, my family moved to Mississippi the day I graduated from H.S.  I went to college in Winter Park, FL at Rollins College for 2 years then transferred to U. Tenn. (Knoxville).  Bud was in the Marine Corps - we began seeing each other my sophomore year.  He was stationed in Jacksonville, going to Electronics school.  He got orders to Chicago soon after I transferred to U.T.  We married after graduation and began our journey across the country and the world.  I was teaching Math (yes, you disbelievers - I actually taught math in the public schools.  And you wondera bout the quality of public schools!) and Bud finished college at Roosevelt U. in Chicago.  We lived in Chicago 3 years, moved back to central Fla. for 3 years, on to Houston for 3 Yrs., and then to Saudi Arabia for 3 years, then back to Mississippi for 3 years, and now we live in Atlanta and have for 13 years.   Bud is in Real Estate.  I finished by Ph.D. in psychology at Georgia State in 1991 and have worked as a management consultant since 1987. We have 2 children: Scott, 15, and Blake, 8.  We do basketball, football, Boy Scouts (I am the Troop Committee Chairperson) and school.  It seems like a lot, and it keeps us busy, but we love it.

  Scott just started H.S. this year, and it has brought back a lot of memories of the days at Southwest for me.  He played 9th grade basketball, and of course we went to all the games.  It made me think back to those basketball games in the gym - losing every year to Miami Beach.  I guess it built character.

  I have enjoyed seeing your names pop up on these various messages and remembering some of the good times we had.  Hope you all are well and happy. Bud is not very computer literate, and he has left this message to you all for me to do. Please address any personal messages to him through me.

  I really enjoy hearing about the "doings" of our fellow classmates.  I have been very busy lately - I am an organizational  /  management consultant. The booming economy has been real good for business.  This summer I have tried to stay close to home and have been able to find projects that were both satisfying and rewarding here in town.  I love my work but sometimes I feel it is very difficult to keep up with family demands, too. I have two children - Scott was just 16  yesterday (Soph. at Shiloh HS ) and Blake is 9 (3rd grade).  They are both into sports and Scouts.  Scott is in so many difficult classes this year and working to make the JV (maybe Varsity) basketball team..  He is doing AP History, Honors everything else and trying to finish up the last merit badge for his Eagle.  He never seems to have any free time.  I remember when we were in school - some of us had those same classes, but I don't remember that it was so time consuming.  Of course, I had Coach somebody for History - which was a far cry from AP History.

  Remember the Col. that taught Chemistry.  I know that he was glad to see the last of Mary Lynn Hendrickson and me.  Lets us just say that Chemistry was not my shining moment.  You may recall he kept cookies in the back room stored in a glass container with something in the bottom compartment that kept the humidity out.  I don't remember what it was - you may know.  He was a very nice person, tho, and I did try to learn the stuff he taught. Fortunately, I am not a clinical psychologist and I have no interest in prescribing drugs.  Pharmacology was one of the hardest sections in the psychology licensing exams for me and I trace it all back to my lack of interest in HS chemistry.

  My job takes me out of town, although I try to hold it down to once a month. Lately I have been to Orlando, Minneapolis, and last week I was in the North GA Mountains leading an Executive retreat for a client.  That was real nice - there was some free time in the afternoons and the weather was gorgeous. Later this month I am off to Arizona for a coaching conference and I have plans to be in Chicago in November.

Bio Update 8/26/1998.

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