Robert "Bob" Ward Class of  1967


Robert "Bob" Ward      Portrait by Jeff Fain

  I left SWHS to attend Bucknell University. Didn't cut it there (i.e.  party YES - study NO) so I decided to work and do school part time.  In the next 32 years I have managed to compile 3.2 years of college, a Medical Technologist Supervisors License, a sizable addiction, a wife, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a wonderful son, a divorce, 3 more dogs, 2 more cats, a new wonderful wife, SOBRIETY, a move to California, an Entrepreneurial Spirit, a lot of work and focused effort, the birth of a bedroom business that grew into co-ownership of a Medical  Laboratory Supply Company. WHEW! It has been great. I don't regret the bad times and I don't over rate the good times. My wife Phyliss and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary. We live in Bakersfield, CA - Cold Winters / Hot Summers. I work 4 days a week at my company and currently supply medical lab products in the western US and the Pacific Rim including Guam and Saipan. Phyliss retired from the corporate world and works out of the house part time as an independent consultant for a couple Multi-Level Marketing Companies. She is also very involved and has gotten me involved in her ceramics.  We both work with clay together on the weekends and she spensds a good part of the week on it as well - We have both received awards (not major ones - but still nice to be recongized) here in California.

 My son has graduated from Fla. State in Communications and plays a pretty mean Guitar if you like today's "kids" music. He recently,, at the age of 25, married his HS sweetheart, Andera who also graduated from FSU. Our dog, Ochee, (a Dalmatian on the outside / wild boar on the inside) makes the best of every day and is loved by all of us.  I didn't get notice of the 30th or I would have been there. I really enjoy reading where everyone is in their life right now. That's the best part, really!  Everyone that has written sounds great. My future goals are to retire to NC or TN and become a full time clay artist in about 4-5 years.

Bob Ward June 17, 2001

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