Stan Wexler Class of  1967

  I look forward to reviewing my mail each day and seeing all these names, some of which I vividly remember and some that I do not.

  When I was at SW I was so short I am not certain anybody ever saw me, they would have had to look down! I never had the guts to tell Susan Losey or Connie Meyers or Patty Kazaraba that at different times I had crushes on them.  Also, during those years I probably was used as the prime example of a Nerd (which I most likely still am, except older).

  It was with profound sadness that I learned of the death of Henry Jacobsen as he was a good friend back then and I now cannot shake the thought that he is gone as well as other members of our class.  For some reason the "fallen Eagles" weigh heavily in my thoughts.

  For what it is worth here is a short Bio. I attended Columbia University and received a BS in electrical engineering and computer science. (I finally grew while in New York and got to 5' 11")Although I use many computers in my business now, upon graduation I came back to Miami to run the family business as my father was very ill.  That business was three toy stores in the Miami area.  When my dad passed away in 1981 I sold the business within a couple of months and opened a brokerage firm (named for my dad) in Miami and have done that for the past 19 years.

  I have been married for just shy of 28 years to a wonderful woman (she must be if she stayed with me this long).  My wife's name is Barbara and she comes from Rhode Island.  We have two girls. Melissa Ann is 25 and last year received her Masters degree in Speech Pathology and is now working in New York.  Leslie Ann is 21 and will be a senior at Emory University.  The last few years have been difficult for my wife and I as we were so involved in everything the kids did while they were still in Miami.  But time waits for no man.

  Barbara Ann is a teacher at Gulliver Academy and for the last three years I have wanted her to retire, however she still wants to 'get up in the morning and do something'.  We have been looking to move from Miami for a while now but we are not sure what to do at this time.  It very difficult as we have so many friends here.

  Despite two blown out knees, compressed vertebrae, one bad elbow and one heart attack I play a lot of tennis and racquetball and some golf which I am trying now to teach my wife.

  Well that is about it for now. Regards to all those people that I remember --  this daily correspondence has been like opening a time capsule.  Take good care of yourselves.

Stan Wexler

Bio July 06, 2000

To Emil Stan