Marshall Aronowitz Class of 1967


Marshall Aronowitz        Portrait by Jeff Fain

Born: March 10, 1949  Died: January 1974

Marshall Aronowitz died in the late 60s from some form of cancer.  He and I went way back, as I remember being at his barmitzvah.  He lived right across from SWHS.

George Wilkens

Marshall Aronowitz died of prostate cancer in the late 1960's or early 70's. Marshall and I go way back to fifth grade at Blue Lakes elementary school where he and I were in the same class with Rodger Aidman, Bob Siebold, Robert Apt, Carol Miller, Nancy Wityak (where is she now?) and Jerry Perch (names that have popped up in e-mails in the last few months). Marshall went to the University of Florida in 1967 and was in the same fraternity as me. He was there for two or three years and then died.

Richard Ross

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