Chris Baker Class of 1967


   Born: July 26, 1949     Died: November 8, 2013
St. Augustine, Florida


When last we left our intrepid hero, he was 2nd Bananaing a morning radio talk show. that continues. there have been a couple of changes/wrinkles since last year.

  The show title changed. it went from Talk Volusia with Bobbie Thomas [the Top Banana] to Bobbie Thomas Total Talk. the main reason for the change was the increase in coverage area after we moved from the 1KW WPUL in South Daytona to the 5KW WELE in Ormond Beach. our coverage area extends beyond Volusia County by power alone as far north as St. Augustine and south to the Kennedy Space Center. to the west we reach into Orange and Marion Counties to Orlando and even Ocala on a good day. so Talk Volusia was no longer appropriate or accurate. the show also went to two hours in morning drive. on top of that, I got WELE onto the Internet last year via and installed a web page for the show at:

  So now we are worldwide!

  Total Talk is on Monday thru Friday from 0700-0900 ET and if any of you wish to follow our adventures from a distance, just go to our site and click the On Air button. you'll need Windows Media Player installed on your system but if you don't have it, there's a button there for that as well.

  It's a call-in show so if you want to join in, call us at 904-677-1380. if you're in Central Florida and have a BellSouth Mobility phone, *1380 gets to us for free. [I got that going for the station, too.] We talk about anything and everything and sometimes nothing at all. We interview authors, celebrities, local politicians and anyone else who seems interesting. It keeps me off the streets and out of the looney bin. [grin]

  I also moved last year from Edgewater to Ormond Beach. the commute was killing me at 70 miles a day. now, I'm less than a mile from the station.

  Outside the radio stuff [which takes up a great deal of my retirement time], Bobbie and I are working on another venture we call Total Talent to stage live variety shows with local musical talent. This is still in the formative stages but it should be fun.

  For Valentine's Day, we had the local SPEBQSA [Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America] group on the show to showcase their Singing Valentines that people could purchase to have their significant other serenaded. The president of the group [Surfside Chorus] started bugging me to come to one of their weekly sessions and check them out as a potential participant. A month ago, they sent us a fax about a Guest Night they were having and I went. Tonight [they meet every Tuesday at 1900 at the local community college choral room], at my fourth meeting, I become an official member. after putting it off for 30 years, I've become a Barbershopper. It's weird but challenging harmony and you may recall my musical past [Sound of Music - Captain von Trapp - 66/67]. matter of fact, it's about time to head down there to turn in my paperwork and get my music portfolio.

  I still do web pages and got my own virtual server to make putting them up simpler but I'm way behind on updating anything
[ ].

  My son, Matthew, is about to complete his freshman year of high school. my Corgi turns 5 in November. I'm still unattached but the great debacle is far behind me. I'm sure there are other less interesting details but that will do for now.

  As a friend of mine in the Navy used to say..."It's a great life if you don't weaken." [snicker]

  I gotta go sing bass in Daytona Beach. catch y'all later.
p.s. if you haven't picked it up yet, go to and get a copy of the Star Trek Communicator. it allows voice and email sending and
tracking. ICQ is also fun.

Christopher Baker
ICQ #7176473
Rocket ID #317454

Bio May 30, 2000

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