Marilyn Fizer Class of  1967


Marilyn Fizer Now

Born: January 26, 1949  Died: May 30, 2020

Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida

   Marilyn Gayle FIZER MARCH After a most courageous seven year battle with pancreatic cancer, I am sad to have to report to her many friends in our community that Marilyn has moved on.

   She astounded her veteran medical support team with her resilience in a most daunting fight against a formidable foe, disarming them quite readily with her grace and with her smile, as she has done all of her life.

   The most unselfish person I have ever known, she spent her adult life raising her children and also coaching softball, serving as a Girl Scout Leader, church officer and PTA president, successfully arguing before the School Board that classrooms with children with special needs would benefit from air conditioning to help keep their attention, which prompted the School Board to go one step further and air condition all the schools.

   As her children grew and moved on, she took responsibility for caring for her parents as they aged, and raising money for programs to aid abandoned, abused and or neglected children (CHARLEE). the physically challenged, elderly or disadvantaged (Easter Seals) and then championing women's causes: equal pay and employment opportunity; freedom from violence through domestic violence, sexual assault and/or human trafficking; and womens health issues (The Womens Fund).

    Upon retirement, she was recruited to teach other non profit organizations how to do the things as she had done. She served as co-captain for 18 summers of the March Family Tour, rounding up as many grandchildren as could participate, and introducing them on road trips to the different cultures that abound in these United States, to our history and our varying topography, flora and fauna, and to the different ways one can be amused and entertained on the road, in a van, or on a train, or a bus, or a boat or a plane with your cousins and siblings.

    The family will be forever grateful for the care she received at the Sylvester Cancer Center, now under the UM Health umbrella, where she was ably served by each and every health care provider who came her way. Her journey there began when our long time family physician, the legendary Dr. Pepi Granat, who is still taking patients and who has treated our family for over forty years, correctly suspected that a nagging pain might be a problem and sent Marilyn right to a scan, and immediately determined that she needed to consult with an oncologist. Referred to Dr. Pasquale Benedetto by another angel, Jamie McKinney Rusk, and shepherded by his administrative assistant, the wonderful Kim Parish, Dr. B reviewed the files and sent her to the legendary Dr. Joe Levi who readily performed the initial surgery that contributed immensely to her survival for the first five years of this battle, during which she never missed a day of work despite rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Upon its return, two subsequent lung surgeries were performed by Dr. Dao Nguyen, whose innovative robotic techniques contributed immensely to pain reduction which was most appreciated. Ably assisting throughout the journey were nurses Karin Kimball and then Bertha Corujo.

    The raging cancer proved too mobile and too relentless, and she valiantly concluded that the time had come to reunite with her WWII hero father, Charles Fizer and wait for the rest of us, and we said goodbye to a woman whose work ethic was unparalleled, and whose ability to soothe and nurture and guide and love, unmatchable. She is survived by her mother, Ruth Fizer, daughters Darla (Luis) and Melissa (Troy) and son Don (Mary); grandkids: Luis, Tomas and Dan Goicouria; Kyle, Sophia and Emily Schroeder and Tori Wollenbecker; Madison and Holden Holden Holden Keep Those Doggies RollinMarch; brother Charles Fizer (Lauren), sister Anita (Robert); in-laws Bill March (Carla) and Patti Jones; and husband for over 51 years and the luckiest man on earth, Don We will have a gathering in her honor some time in the future, most likely in late summer, and notice will appear in the In Memoriam column here. Instead of flowers, etc., the family is sure that if so inclined, one can contribute to the program of therapy for folks with special needs, Whispering Manes.

Published in the Miami Herald on Jun. 3, 2020.


Tomas 5 - Luis 8  - Sophia 1 - Kyle 4 - Emily 1 - Daniel 3



Marilyn and Don March


 I went to Miami-Dade after SW - basically waiting to turn 21 to become a stewardess and hopefully a pilot one day - fell in love and got married to Donald March (SW class of 63).  We had our first daughter Darla in 69 and our second daughter Melissa in 72. I started back to school in 77 and had a surprise baby - Donald March III.  Don was a police officer with the City of Miami and we agreed I would stay home with the children. I coached softball, t-ball, was a Girl Scout Leader for 9 years, President of the PTA.   When Donnie started to school I worked part time as a legal secretary and continued there for 7 years until the attorney I was working for died of cancer. I worked at Coral Gables Federal, and Tropical Elem. for a couple of years and then began working as an executive assistant for Former Miami Dolphin - Bob Kuechenberg.  We worked together for 8 years  and became partners in a Promotional Products business.  In 1994 I started my own company, March Promotions, Inc. which will celebrate it's  7th year in business soon.  I have wonderful accounts and continue to be blessed with good business (If you go to Office Depot anywhere in the US and Canada for the Back to School Breakfast for Teachers - you will receive one of the tote bags I produced). My web shopping site is . I have a home office and also was recruited by a Promotional Company, Geiger to takeover some accounts of a retiring employee. My husband retired as Asst.  Chief of Police in 1995 and is currently coordinating and teaching Police Management for U of Louisville, a firm out of DC, and also at LSU for the State Dept. (International Police Training).  Our oldest daughter, Darla is married and has two boys - Luis 5 yrs. and Tomas 2 yrs.  It is true - the reason you have children is so you will have grandchildren. They are better than wonderful !!!  Darla was a Captain in the Air Force stationed in Germany when Luis was born - she was deployed to  Italy so Little Luis stayed with us for 4 months in 1997 - After the separation, Darla and her husband, Luis decided no more military for Mom and came back to Miami in 1998 - Luis works for Nickelodeon Latin America (Graduated from BU with a degree in TV Production) and Darla (Graduated from U of MASS) is now working at US Southern Command on a special reserve bases.  Melissa went to Florida State after one year in Mass. (Too cold) She moved to Germany and took care of Luis in 1997 - then returned to Miami - got a job in Korea teaching English and returned to Miami to continue her education. She meet the man of her dreams in Korea and got married last year - They have a baby boy - Kyle - Her husband, Mark is a Captain in the US Army - They had a formal wedding at Virginia Military Inst. this past May and are currently stationed in Toledo, OH.

  Melissa works for Delta Air Lines so we can now fly standby. ( I travel a lot these days).  Our son Don - graduated from  Univ.  of Evansville (he was recruited to play football) in May of this year. His degree is in Sports Management and is moving back to Indiana as he doesn't like Miami.  Don was on the SW football team that beat Gables (first and only time). I printed T-shirts for the football team to celebrated the victory -  All my children graduated from Southwest.  I live in the house I was raised in - on 82 Ave. and will probably continue here forever. We are currently starting construction our property for a guest house which my parents will be moving into. My dad is 81 and my Mom is 76 - They have lived in Texas for the past 30th years.

  They just spent a month in Colorado at my sisters working on an addition to her home outside of Boulder in the mountains - are in great health and keep busy. I took flying lessons about 10 years ago - but after much consideration ( my family was fearful) I stopped flying.  I have recently taken up golf (my son is teaching me).

  Last year I organized a group from Tri-Sellet ( that illegal Sorority) and we celebrated our 50th birthday in Connecticut at Jane Tripp home. Manny Southerland (Clark) lives in the same town. Marsha Whittacher, Cheryl Seachrist, Kay Ackland (all went to Coral Park) went last year.  This year we had our 2nd Annual 50th Birthday Celebration in Connecticut and Babs Mansene and Dorothy Bradey (Gagliano) joined us. We had a great time again this year and are planning our 3rd Annual 50th Birthday next July.  I'm involved with a program in South Florida called the CHARLEE program. It is a new foster care system which is working. I was able to put Rosie O'Donnel together with Office Depot who donated $1 Million to CHARLEE.  Rosie has been involved with CHARLEE (She lives on Star Island part of the time) and also donated $500,000 she won on "Who wants to be a Million".  I was elected to the board this past year and have three fund raisers at my home with my daughters. A Back to School Brunch (Backpacks filled with goodies) - A Christmas Tea - (gift for the holidays) and in the Spring we will have A Pajama Party (new PJ's for the kids). I also see Eddie Floyd from time to time (we go to the same church) and I just had dinner with Joe Gagliano and Dorothy.

Kindest regards - Marilyn Fizer March

Bio August 27, 2000


Wednesday, June 03, 2020