Russ Heisinger Class of  1967

   Born: January 7, 1949     Died: November 1, 2013
Gallatin, Tennessee

Russ and Joann Heisinger

Russ and Joann Heisinger


Russ Heisinger Portrait by Jeff Fain

  After college, I married and had a daughter, Roselle (27 yrs old), (who does not speak with me since the divorce) went to work for Sears and was in the Miami area with them until shortly after "Andrew" to whom I lost my home.  I rebuilt the house in the Homestead area, and was transferred to Pensacola in 1995.  Divorced my wife of 27 years after the transfer to P'Cola,  and was then transferred to Northport, NY, which is on Long Island's north shore about half way out.  I remarried to Joann whose pix is on the web with the others.  I was born right here in Northport, and fate had it that I would be sent here by Sears and marry a wonderful woman from here too!  I just retired this year, LUCKY ME!  I do stay very active with the NRA and am a recruiter for them now.  My DOB is 1/7/49.

Bio June 30, 2000